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Always remove the plug from the socket whenever the device is not in use, when attaching accessory
parts, cleaning the device or whenever a disturbance occurs. Switch off the device beforehand. Pull on
the plug, not on the cable.
In order to protect children from the dangers of electrical appliances, never leave them unsupervised
with the device. Consequently, when selecting the location for your device, do so in such a way that
children do not have access to the device. Take care to ensure that the cable does not hang down.
Test the device and the cable regularly for damage. If there is damage of any kind, the device should
not be used.
Do not repair the device yourself, but rather consult an authorised expert.
For safety reasons a broken or damaged mains lead may only be replaced by an equivalent lead from
the manufacturer, our customer service department or a similary qualified person.Keep the device and
the cable away from heat, direct sunlight, moisture, sharp edges and suchlike.
Never use the device unsupervised! Switch off the device whenever you are not using it, even if this is
only for a moment.
Use only original accessories.
Do not use the device outdoors.
Under no circu 
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