Yamaha Bedienungsanleitung



t gets used in various places by persons of all ages,
so please obey the following instructions regarding their regular care and placement.
Especially in the case of children, a responsible adult should provide proper instruction on
how to use and treat the xylophone before use.

Preventing Injuries --Make sure that all precautions described below are obeyed--

Icons are used in this section
to promote the safe use of this
product, and to prevent you and
others from harm and property
damage. Please fully understand
the meaning of the icons before
reading the manual.


This icon urges you to pay caution (includes dangers and warnings).
This icon indicates actions that are prohibited.

For example:
Do not disassemble.

This icon indicates special instructions that should be strictly followed.

Disregard of the warnings with this mark or misuse may result in death
or personal injury.

Before you use the xylophone, carefully read the instructions listed below and the owner's manual.

Cautions when setting the instrument.
Never place the instrument on an sloping, unstable, etc., platform. The instrument may fall or overturn and result in

Cautions for tre 
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